Is it possible to take your pet abroad for holidays ?

Is it possible to take your pet abroad for holidays ?

Making memories of the trip is important and pets are one of the best companions for that. We want to take them on vacation, we can't just leave them behind. However, taking them on a trip is not easy. Even if the process has been made lighter for some countries, it is still prohibited to travel with your dogs or cats in some others. Furthermore, some precautions need to be taken.

Which pets are allowed to travel?

Pets are apart of the family, aren't they? They play with us, eat with us and they give a lot of affection as well as they need some. On vacation, we are more available than at any other moments of our life to be with those nice little creatures that have become our friends.

They will make the trip even more enjoyable as all family members cherish spending time with them. But which pets can we take along while traveling? It varies depending on the countries you want to visit. 

It also depends on the Airlines you travel with. The mostly allowed are cats and dogs, sometimes small animals that would not disturb the trip. Some airlines prohibit travels for some endemic animals, for example, primates are not allowed to get home when you are back from vacation. The most important thing to do is to contact the airlines beforehand, or if you go by boat or by train, contact the company to know their rules.

Travel safely then

There are some requirements before and during the trip. Moreover, traveling with pets is quite demanding, given that pets are used to playing and moving around. To travel safely and calmly, some precautions need to be taken

  •  Do veterinary checkup. This is the first thing and likely the most important because the animals have to be in fit to handle the travel. It requires some things like blood tests, vaccinations check and microchips for identification.
  •  Contact Airlines to have the right recommendations. Pets places are defined by the airline company, so the wisest solution is to take advice with their services and inquire about all details referring to your pets' travel
  •  Make sure you travel at the right time because some companies don't allow pets traveling during the hottest season.

For dogs in particular, they must be more than 3 months old with first rabies vaccination over 30 days. Some countries ask vaccination certificate and it's important to comply with the requirement. For cats and other small pets, there's no vaccination required. However you have to ask the veterinary before traveling.

Plan your vacation with a professional

Besides the vaccination precaution, the trip is more interesting if it's well-planned. The best solution is to go online, look for destinations and choose easily. eDreams, the first online travel agency, has many options on their website.

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Taking your pets during your holidays requires some precautions that can't be neglected. Traveling abroad with pets is great but get more informed by professional travel agencies and make the trip safe and fun.