Are there species forbidden to travel ?

Are there species forbidden to travel ?

When you go on vacation, you may want to take your pet with you, especially if you will be away for more than a week. However, many airline companies have strict rules over flying with an animal. This is because if the animal is sick, it might transmit an infectious disease to humans.

Other strict regulations relate to the condition of the animal during the flight. For example, the animal should be kept on a leash, or locked in a cabin during the flight. This is because if you travel with an animal, it might bite or scratch another person when it feels stressed out or afraid.

Regulations and requirements when traveling with an animal

The regulations and requirements vary from a country to another. You can freely travel with your pet dog, cat or ferret in EU countries as long as it has a valid passport.

EU rules that a treatment against tapeworm Echinococcus is required when taking any animal to the U.K., Ireland, Malta, and Finland. On the other hand, CDC or the Centers for Disease Control and Protection in the USA have very strict regulations concerning a pet's entering the country.

In the USA, federal agencies and individual state governments are in charge of regulating permission to import animals to the USA. In fact, the regulation requires that the animal should have a complete travel document before flying.

The travel documents include:

  • The result of the veterinary exam on the animal's health condition 
  • The checkup is to be made within 24 to 120 hours before the animal's recent, valid vaccination certificate 
  • A vaccination against rabies is required for dogs 
  • The animal health certificate, to state that the animal is in good health condition 
  • The animal's microchip identification or readable tattoo which is written in the animal passport 
  • A pet passport which contains the animal's identification, a valid anti-rabies vaccination and the result of the animal's health checkup

Even so, some animals are still forbidden on board. The most common travel companions are dogs and cats. However, there are some species which are forbidden to travel. Here is a list of forbidden animal species.

Species forbidden to travel

  •  Unvaccinated dogs, cats, and ferrets 
  • Turtles: they may transmit Salmonella to people. However, after a checkup, turtles are allowed to travel in small number as long as they are small enough to fit your handbag. 
  • African rodents: they are forbidden to travel because they might transmit monkeypox to humans. However, they can be exported for scientific research, or for scientific purposes. 
  • Birds and poultry are forbidden to travel 
  • Reptiles, fish, spiders are not allowed on board
  • Endangered animal species are banned to travel

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